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SCAP NCC receive peace tools, OM revisited

The Student Catholic Action National Coordinating Council (NCC) convened its first formation and meeting for the year at Bahay SCAn Formation Center in Tagaytay City last May 17 to 20.

Photo: NCC dwells into an orientation workshop of Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)

Inspired by the theme: “A Firm Community of Peace-loving and Skilled Leaders committed to SCA Vision and Mission,’’ the goal of the said activity is to produce knowledgeable and capable student leaders of distinctive SCA clusters and to empower them with related tools for mobilization and coordination.

Five out of six clusters were present during the formation and meeting namely: (1) NCR Cluster represented by Mark Villeza, Francesca Erpe and Ernest Pineda, (2) Southern Luzon Cluster represented by Carmela Esteban, Claire Manguiat and Dexter Ferreras, (3) Central Luzon Cluster represented by Abviel Yumul and Ian Patrick Malicdem, (4) Visayas Cluster represented by Steven Nelson Segura, Nerlisa Nadado and Beah Marie Ganarias and (5) Mindanao Cluster represented by Susan Obo and Loisannah Mae Bucton.

The formation started with a prayer offering Taize chants and proceeded with a workshop on Peace and Resiliency.

Facilitated by the National Secretariat and National Formation Team: Jonel Reyes, Elirie Cruspero, Frence Boiser, Alma “Kins” Aparece and Cyril Ryan Lituanas, the workshop progressed with establishing the idea of peace and learning practical tools that can be used when facing challenging situations.

The workshop was experiential in nature. SCANs positively shared their feelings, insights, and learning as well as participated in games and creative group dynamics.

On the second and third day, the NCC meeting continued with the discussion about The SCAP Operations Manual.

After almost a decade, the NCC revisited the Operations Manual to address the various changes that were deemed necessary for SCA to continue with its mission efficiently and more.

The students and animators placed into writing the changes that were discussed and secured that these changes be well placed in the proposed revised Operations Manual.

The meeting also tackled concerns of SCA and its upcoming activities.

Photo: The outgoing NCC representatives together with the National Secretariat and Formation Team

The major concerns, which were resolved in the business meeting, were the following: Revision of Operations Manual, Schedule of the National Leadership Conference, Membership and Annual Solidarity share of units, Recognition of Senior High school units, Introducing Immersion programs as part of the formation of students, Revisiting the formation programs to fit into the needs growth of students in each level, and addressing the challenges faced by clusters, especially the NCR and Northern Luzon Cluster.

After the discussions, NS presented their proposed programs and activities to the members of NCC. They also conducted a short talk about communication tools that the NCC and SCA members can use in their operations, advocacies, and activities.

The meeting ended with the presentation of the resolutions that will be carried out within the year.

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