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SCAP launches My Gift for Change - seeks support for supporting units, advocacies, and programs.

After acquiring two (2) full-time staff, SCAP National Secretariat aims to revitalize the National Coordination and to fast-track programs and advocacies to reach grassroots units and establish stable diocesan teams. To support these activities and programs, My Gift for Change 2023 is open starting today.

What is My Gift for Change?

My Gift for Change (MGC) is SCA’s way of seeking partners and collaborators to support us in running our programs and advocacies. We believe that collaborative action is needed and that each has its own share of gifts and blessings to contribute to helping us mold young Filipino student leaders. In MGC, we invite all SCA alumni, friends, organizations, and companies who believe in and support our programs and advocacies to pledge an amount allowed by the generosity of your hearts as a one-time support or a regular contribution.

Where will the donations be used?

SCAP NS desires to have at least 3,000 full-fledged SCA members each year, established in 16 strong diocesan core groups all over the Philippines. We hope to reach schools and dioceses where the youth lacks formation and leadership initiatives. We intend to achieve these through the following:

  • Student Leadership Formation: Cell Meetings; Regional and National Leadership Conferences; Leadership & Peace Workshops; Personal & Social Transformation Workshops; Immersion Program

  • Chaplains and Animators Formation: CAFE; eSCAfe; Retreats

  • Care for Alumni: Stop Over Wednesdays; Dare and Do

  • Action and Advocacy: Earth Care; Social Justice and Peace; Discernment; New Media

How can I start My Gift for Change?

If you want to support our programs and advocacies or you have questions about it, kindly contact our Resource Generation Officer at or 0966-533-7538.

Please help us reach out to more young students and create ripples of change that can transform our communities for the better.

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