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DAMA-DMBOK: Data Management Body Of [Updated]




The objective of this work is to provide a classification of terms that is *generalizable* for the entire IT community. This dictionary has not been designed to provide a complete listing of data management terms. A dictionary is primarily a lexicon which provides a list of terms. We argue that a dictionary is also a tool to connect experts from the field. We have intentionally omitted a list of terms that are common in the data community. We have used the concepts of the Business Dictionary[^2] as the basis for the dictionary. The Business Dictionary consists of three different sections. 1. *Process Description* 2. *Process Class* 3. *Business Dictionary* The *Process Description* section contains definitions of process, system, task, and more. The *Process Class* section contains definitions of different kinds of processes, while the *Business Dictionary* section is aimed at connecting the various parts of the business (eg., the definition of business processes will include a definition of business process). Our intention is to extract data management terms from *Process Description* and *Process Class*, which we believe will be most useful to the data community. The Business Dictionary also defines many terms that are not related to data management. We have excluded these terms from our dictionary. Generalizing a Dictionary of Data Management Terms {#sec:generalizing-terms} ================================================== The purpose of this section is to show the steps taken in the creation of our dictionary. We have also described the system that we developed that is used to extract terms from both the data management community and the general business dictionary. We have started by collecting terms from the data management domain. These terms were taken from business dictionary sources like Wikipedia, as well as from domain experts. Our objective was to get a broad set of terms. Initially we focused on terms that were not widely used. We used a variety of sources, including Blogs, forums, and newsgroups. The data management community is very diverse and we intended the dictionary to reflect this diversity. We have intentionally tried to avoid the terms of one specific data management framework, such as XML, Linked Data, NoSQL, and SPARQL. Our goal was to focus on terms that describe data management in general. We first collected as many terms as possible. We then identified those that were either not commonly used, or they were used in a unique way that would not be appropriate for our purposes. A




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DAMA-DMBOK: Data Management Body Of [Updated]

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