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About the Speakers

Who are the Filipino Youth Today?

Dr. Fides Del Castillo

Dr. Fides is an Associate Professor of the Theology and Religious Education Department, De La Salle University. Her research interests are Religious Education, Empirical Theology, Psychology of Religion, and Spirituality


Reimagining the Filipino Catholic Youth Mission

Fr. Serge has recently finished his Masters in Theology, Major in Missiology at Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA). He finished college at St. Anthony’s College then did his BA Theology at San Jose Seminary. From 1996 to 2008 when he pursued his MA in Manila, he had always been assigned to Antique, serving as parish priest for 12 years, chaplain of the local Diocesan college, Diocesan youth director and former member of the SCAP Board.

Fr. Serge Maniba
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