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Reaching out to the Youth - A Reflection from SCA Speaks Episode 4

SCA Speaks is a Series initiated by the National Coordinating Council to explore the 5 areas of evangelization and the challenges the youth face in each of these areas. Episode 4 talks about Navigating the Spiritual Waters. With guest speaker, Bro. Nollie Baguio from the Light of Jesus Family, the participants delved deep into the situation of the youth in the Church and how we can journey with the youth during these times.

Here is a sharing of reflection by SCAn Janna Marie Logroño, the Coordinator of SCAP Diocese of Talibon:

SCA Talibon Coordinator, Janna Marie Logroño

In the diocese of Talibon, we aim to expand the reach of our SCA units, and the challenge is how to encourage the youth to join. SCA Speaks Episode 4: Navigating the Spiritual Waters made me reflect on one question: How to bring the youth back to the Church and How to invite them to SCA?

During the talk, I was reminded of an anime, Detective Conan, who was advised to always be Calm, Cool, and Collected in solving the cases. I thought to myself, why not use this approach as well?


It is okay to keep calm in everything. There is no need to rush because God’s grace is at work, and God’s time is always on time.


Be cool and radiate that cheerful energy to attract the youth. I always like to SMILE (See Miracles In Life Everyday), because this smile signifies the joy of serving that will inspire others to join and serve in the Church and SCA.


It is also important to collect all ideas and solutions in finding ways how to bring back the youth in the Church. There is no single solution, so bringing in all possibilities and being open to them will give us more ideas on how to continue with our mission.

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