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SCA Speaks: Bea on eSummit

The Earthkeeper Summit is a conference of leaders wherein all of our attention focuses on maintaining a healthy environment and care for Mother Earth. I am delighted to be part of this activity. The harsh reality our planet exposed before me. On the first day, we visited Pangapasan Island somewhere in Bohol. It has approximately a population of 600 residents including children. This island is sinking due to its structure wherein the water inundates a land portion every time it rises. Through this activity, I was able to experience living in a place prone to disaster. There are many things that I’ve observed on this island. First, not all residents in this area do not clean and dispose of their wastes properly. I’ve seen a lot of garbage scattered near the shorelines. Another thing was, they have poor hygiene especially among children at which point it can lead to various diseases. Lastly, regardless of what happened to them especially during the earthquake, the people living on this island are very hospitable and generous as they welcome us warmly and making us feel comfortable in a one-day exposure.

On the following day, we went back to our main activity area in Tagbilaran. The different talks and workshops of resource speakers helped me to know more about the current status of the Earth. I was depressed upon knowing that our Mother Earth is slowly dying due to our irresponsible actions. I was guilty enough because I am aware, I also contributed to the different factors which caused our Mother Earth’s downfall. I am challenged to change my reckless actions. I realized that even a simple action like abusing the usage of paper could create an impact on our environment.

Photo: Bea joins with her fellow team members in drafting an action plan for Earth Care during the summit.

As an SCA leader, I can share these insights I’ve gained in the conference by telling and spreading awareness among my community. Taking an immediate response is important. I and my companions made an action plan towards this situation. We planned to conduct a workshop or program that may help in maintaining a healthy environment. It will be a program that will educate the importance of 3R’s namely, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle including maintaining a clean environment. We also plan to enhance the system in the implementation of CLAYGO (Clear as You Go) policy in our school since it was ignored once in a while. We will encourage other youth to be part of these activities to be fruitful. May our goals be fulfilled in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of our Creator!


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