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Enlist your School or Parish, Recognized SCA Units to be released Ash Wed

SCAP National Secretariat, Tagaytay City - A partial list of schools and parishes with recognized SCA units will be posted by the National Secretariat on Ash Wednesday. The move hopes to encourage participating SCA members around the country to strengthen up-to-date information and communication system of the national organization.

There are currently 19 arch/dioceses with active SCA movements. The national secretariat also plans to roll out the online platforms and grants to more units in the coming months. The offers include the email system, collaboration tools and apps, and many more.

If you are interested whether your school, parish or unit has already enlisted to the national survey, please contact the National Secretariat at 046-404-2376 or 0933-762-3682 and look for Kuya Jonel.

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