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SCAn-frontliner braves the virus

Stephanie De Dios, SCAn from the University of San Jose Recoletos Student Catholic Action in Cebu braves a mission currently as a PUI Nurse at Cebu Doctors University Hospital to cater patients of COVID-19. Here is her personal story.

In this trying time filled with uncertainties, fear, loneliness, and everything in between, I was told by my family to go home and quit my job. I understand how they feel; just like any other family, my safety is one of their top priorities. Just like them, I was afraid too. I even cried the moment I said yes to the assignment of being a PUI nurse, for I know anything can happen. The news being reported that some several nurses and doctors got sick as they were doing their job is terrifying. I mean, if it did happen to them, then possibly it will happen to me too.

This journey will never be comfortable. Since the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) took effect, and public transport was suspended, I have been walking kilometers just to reach the hospital where I am currently working. Sometimes I have to walk at 1:00 am going home, not only afraid of the virus but also of my own safety on the road. Just like any other front liners, I have to hold my bladder until the end of my shift before I can finally use the restroom. I haven’t seen my family for a month now. Some times quitting is on the verge of my choices. Then I revisited the core and purpose of why I did strive hard. I did not work hard to just stop and quit. I vowed for this one, “With loyalty will I aid the physician in his work, and as a missioner of health, I will dedicate myself to devoted service of human welfare.” This is what I’ve sworn for. This is the life that I chose.

My SCA journey back in college gave me so many lessons in life that are relevant in today’s health crisis. I remember our SCA Alumni recollection last year, in there I’ve learned to always stop and go back to myself each time I am confused and afraid. As always, it gives me the strength to continue to serve the community. It is

“to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and not to ask for a reward.”

The courage and determination I possess is a blessing that I was able to acquire with the guidance of the SCA values, training, and exposure to the communities. I may feel scared and lonely at times, but I know I have my family, friends, and most of all, God who strengthens me. Please continue to pray for all front liners. “Para sa Diyos at Bayan,” we will overcome all of these.

Let us pray for Stephanie's care and safety along with all frontliners working selflessly around the world in the fight against the pandemic.

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