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SCAP National Solidarity Month 2019

Solid as One

“We are members one of another.” [Eph 4,25]

The Student Catholic Action of the Philippines welcomes another year of its celebration of the National Solidarity Month this November. During this period, all members, partners, and collaborators are called for reflection and action to be brave in living out peace and to build peace toward social transformation.

Last year, SCAP partnered with other like-minded organizations. We sought to break the borders of exclusivity and welcomed friends from other faiths. It is but timely that in the same month, another cycle of the Church celebration will switch from the Year of the Youth to the Year of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue. The Year of the Youth is about to conclude but its theme, “Filipino Youth in Mission: Beloved, Gifted, and Empowered," shall continue to move our hearts in proclaiming the Gospel truths.

We borrow the theme of the 53rd World Communications Day, “We are members one of another [Eph 4,25]." Thus, leading us to create the tagline, Solid as One reminding the youth as one of the Church’s strengths, gifted, empowered, and bold enough to face the challenges of our times, marred with injustice and loss of integrity.

We recently concluded the 5th Visayas-Mindanao Regional Leadership Conference in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro the last 26th to 29th of October 2019. The conference engaged us to share and to critically reflect the "values and truth of the Gospel of Christ" so we can be champions and influencers of Christian virtues in both the offline and online world. While the social web identity sadly creates opposition and division leading to the rise of prejudice (ethnic, sexual, religious, and other), it also serves as a platform to form online missionaries of Christ. SCAP desires to take a closer view, and deeper understanding and reflection of the established trends in the digital culture to create a relevant and timely plan of actions that would lead to building a community of responsible, accountable, dignified, and truth-loving people.

It is a challenge to bring these efforts to our grassroots. The cells are the foundation of our Christ’s encounter. How can SCAns share and witness the love of Jesus Christ that should reign above all despite the pain, suffering, and corruption of human conditions? Christ chose Peter, the "Rock" [Jn 1:41-42]. Peter, whose past attitudes were attributed to impulsiveness, failure, and lies, yet Jesus saw in him the heart of reconciliation, trust, and authentic love. May we become Peter, who is not afraid to take the risks of faith, especially when we desire for justice and peace. May we be solid and united to speak the truth and to live the Gospel of Love.



Every November 13, SCAns never miss to commemorate the person who inspired our movement in teaching us our way of life – SEE, JUDGE, and ACT. You can gather members as a unit, chapter, or diocese to celebrate this occasion. Use our NSM 2018 theme and connect the SJA to create a fruitful yet straightforward one-day program. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist is highly recommended.


For our Flag, for our Faith, for Christ the King! – We exclaim these words in the last part of our SCA Hymn. Indeed, the feast of all feasts is Christ the King! We encourage you to participate in your respective parishes. Make sure to check the schedule in your local community. It is appreciated that SCA will take part as an organization to help in the preparations and actual activities. Ideally, in the 4 Stages of SCA Formation towards Full-fledge Membership, it is in this month that units will be conducting the last primary formation – the Christ the King Recollection and Commissioning of new members. If your unit can do so, you may connect with your parish priest to hold the commissioning after a holy mass in your parish facing the congregation.


The Taize Prayer is close to the heart of SCA. It is a community prayer that reminds and teaches us about the spirit of Trust and Reconciliation. Your unit, chapter, or diocese can offer at least one day this month to conduct this activity.


SCAP ties up with other organizations with the same mission in keeping the integrity of all creations and having a practice of personal and communal peace. Your unit, chapter, or diocese may contact the national secretariat to connect you to our advocacy partners. Our existing collaborations go with the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM)-Pilipinas, Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)-Philippines, Angel C. Palanca Peace Program (ACP3), and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). Please make sure to send your request at least two weeks before the actual schedule.


SCAP annually collects a voluntary contribution of Php 1.00per member every NSM. The funds will be used for our annual membership to the International Young Catholic Students in both Asian and International offices. Furthermore, these funds will also go to our advocacy projects for the environment and peace. We encourage units to endorse the collection to the national secretariat within the year. Kindly deposit to Bank Name– Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Account Name: Student Catholic Action of the Philippines National Secretariat, Inc., Account Number: 0973-1774-94 (Savings).

Download a PDF COPY HERE.

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