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Click here to download a copy of the 14th NLC Conference Guide


Focused on leadership formation and training, SCAP gives highest priority to leadership conferences at all levels. The national leadership conferences are held every three years. It is conducted in 5 or 6 days with formation (study session) and council (business meeting).


SCA leadership conferences, initiated in the 1950s with guidance from Columban missionaries, provided student leaders with a platform for critical discussion and reflection on life concerns. Through the See-Judge-Act methodology, participants took meaningful action, becoming empowered to influence their communities positively. SCAP has continued these national gatherings since 1995, transitioning to an annual event until the agreement in 2002 to hold it every three years.


Regional conferences are held in between national conferences to strengthen clusters and arch/dioceses. This 14th National Leadership Conference will be attended by select high school and college leaders from member-arch/dioceses together with their animators and chaplains. It hopes to gather more than 150 participants from over 18 arch/dioceses in the country.

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