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163 students join SCAP voters campaign launch, next session to talk on Sangandaan

One hundred sixty-three students, registered voters for the upcoming 2022 elections, joined "Hirang: A Voter's Campaign" launching last October 23rd, 2021, via Zoom online conference.

The two-hour online activity introduced tools in affirming their personal and communal good deeds contributing to nation-building. Ultimately, the young voters will be able to discern carefully in choosing the next leaders of our country.

The advocacy campaign will stretch out for seven months with a particular theme focus every month. Each session will feature the 7 C's of SCA Leadership. The October 23rd topic centered on "Kabutihang-Loob" embodying the good "Character" of a citizen capable of creating change and transformation in the society.

The next online session will be on November 20th, Saturday, from 4 to 6 p.m. Manila time. The organizers will hope to offer "Sangandaan" (Turning point). Themes on conversion and God-centeredness will be the key topics timely before the Feast of Christ the King the next day.

Hirang: A Voter's Campaign is organized by the Student Action of the Philippines (SCAP) and Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific (FPT-AWP).

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